Concrete Paver Restorations

Paver restoration is a major part of our business. The restoration of brick pavers covers a broad span of services, stripping off failed paver sealant, calcium removal, oil stain removal, rust/irrigation rust/fertilizer rust removal, efflorescence removal and color restoration.

At our core we provide solutions to the hardscape community on every level.  Frustrated with ongoing maintenance, manufacturing defects and improper install?  We fix trip hazards, which increases safety to homeowners and reduces liability to commercial property owners. Additionally, we consult/support paver manufacturers & contractors/developers on site when issues arise.

Most importantly we extend the life of hardscapes, create immense value to end-users both large and small. Whether it’s a large commercial pool deck restoration (a complete tear out costs millions in tear out and down time!) or a smaller residential patio restoration we can provide a tremendous level of value.

ECO Friendly

CPR is a licensed and insured company. We offer full cleaning and sealing of brick pavers, travertine, ledger stone, pool tile and retaining walls. We also can design and give you ideas for your driveways patios and pool decks. We also provide a various array of products from reputable companies to meet your needs and budget parameters. Whether it is residential or commercial we are here to accommodate you.

We have been in the industry for over 20 years pioneering many of these techniques and products. 

Commercial Grade Equipment

Our commercial sealing customers throughout California understand the necessity of having their properties cleaned of slippery and unattractive mold, mildew and dirt. This is to ensure a safe paver surface for their customers, community residents and business patrons. Often times, communities can earn a resident’s home purchase simply by the communities amenities, and there is nothing more deterring than a moldy community paver pool deck for residents to put their feet on! We can also apply extra “Shark Grip” non-slip additive on all commercial projects to ensure a slip free finish even in the highest traffic areas.

In addition to the safety benefits – nothing can make a beautiful paver hardscape have an award winning appeal than a high quality commercial grade sealant to restore faded brick pavers.  They will go from dry and dull to have rich and vibrant contrasting colors with a slip free lustrous shine.